Aux Boiler Transportation

Industry: Semiconductor manufacturer
Service: Import freight cost reduction
Regions covered: From a key off shore supplier to the Philippines

Issue: Similar to other companies, the main client has experienced unprecedented rises in logistics costs. Need to determine methods for reducing logistics costs.

Response: As a logistics provider, the ultimate goal is to optimize shipping costs and secure the best possible freight rate and terms. Toshiba Logistics Philippines has a comprehensive understanding of the client’s operating costs and cost structure of the shipments and continuously identified specific lanes, routes, and modes, which can be negotiated for lower rates. Toshiba Logistics Philippines explored options for the client and worked together with forwarders for win-win freight cost saving ideas.

Result: Toshiba Logistics Philippines successfully negotiated better freight rates lower than the current rates.

Warehouse Local Transfer

In-House Logistics

Industry: Semiconductor manufacturer
Service: Logistics cost reduction related to warehouse and material transfer operation
Regions covered: Site-to-site client operation in Philippines

Issue: Managing the client’s two-site operation is complex. There is a continuous demand and challenge to sustain better supply chain operations. The client imports materials for its manufacturing operations and Toshiba Logistics Philippines provides warehousing services. To keep up with the challenge, costs need to be continuously reduced, efficiency increased, operations sped up and uninterrupted operations ensured.

Response: Toshiba Logistics Philippines operates its warehouse mainly for both of the client's sites, and it is setup in the same zone where the first site is located. Since the second site is at another zone location, there is regular transfer of materials, which are transported following PEZA’s local transfer process. Trucks are arranged and the corresponding delivery documents are prepared.
Over time, the main operations and the bulk of the expected inventory have shifted to the client’s second site, so to streamline the logistics processes, Toshiba Logistics Philippines established an additional new warehouse at the same location as the client’s second site.

Result: This simplified and improved the supply chain process and guaranteed smooth processes that save time and costs for the client. Overall benefits for the client include reduced transport costs and documentation fees, and shortened lead time per transfer.


In-House Logistics

Industry: Semiconductor manufacturer
Service: Logistics cost reduction related to warehouse and material transfer operation
Issue: Our main client had several forwarders assigned to handle export shipments across Asia, Europe and the US. Basically, these forwarders send-out/dispatch their trucks to pick-up cargoes from the factory warehouse and deliver them to the airport (NAIA). Having different trucking companies coming in and out of the factory contributes to congestion at the loading bay area, which often causes delays in loading operations. Furthermore, the exhaust emitted by those vehicles causes an environmental impact, and the health and safety of the people is at stake.

Response: We established and introduced the Consolidated Pick-up/Delivery Scheme where we coordinate with the truck consolidator appointed solely to pick-up all cargoes scheduled for the day and subsequently transport to each forwarders' warehouse and/or transfer directly to the airport.

Result: With the implementation of this scheme which eventually resulted in the downsizing of the number of trucks entering the factory, we were able to reduce the local handling charge. The efficiency of the warehouse loading operation was also improved, congestion at warehouse loading bay is now avoided, and the scheme works as a solution towards pollution control.

Non-Resident Inventory Management

In-House Logistics

Industry:Semiconductor Manufacturer
Service: TLGP offers Management of Overseas clients (Non Resident) warehouse inventory outside their own company facilities or geographical area.

Regions covered: Multiple Regions or site to site warehousing operation in the Philippines.

Issue: Our Overseas Client need to keep a certain level of inventory for their Customers located within the region  (domestic ), as well as, for Customers located outside or in another region.  This requirement entails  higher warehousing and logistics fee.

Response: TLGP provides professional and personalized service to manage the Clients’ inventory for subsequent exportation to their end-Customers.

Result: Overall benefits for the client includes reduced logistics operation cost, increased flexibility as the company was able to strategically position inventory closer to the source factory reducing lead times and transportation costs while improving their overall supply chain efficiency.

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