Warehousing & logistics

Local Moving & Rigging (Project Cargo) & Logistics

We are a quality logistics provider that utilizes a customs bonded/PEZA warehouse and manages both inbound and outbound flow, including inventory management control.
Overseas clients, or so called non-residents, can store their inventory in our customs bonded warehouse.
This logistics scheme helps clients save costs and time in manner of distribution.

- Preparation of warehouse space based on customer requirements
- Handling of parts, raw materials, and other items delivered to and pulled out from our warehouse for storage
- Maintenance of accurate inventory of all items stored at Toshiba Logistics Philippines Warehouse
- Arrangement of trucks for the delivery of pulled-out items upon the request of customers
- Preparation and processing of all required PEZA documents, letters of authority, and surety bond upon the request of customers
- Handling of system transactions for customer items stored in the warehouse upon the request of customers

Import arrangement

- Handling both air and sea import shipments
- Coordination of schedule and details of incoming shipments
- Preparation of PEZA permits and other required documents
- Coordination with forwarders for cargo release and delivery status
- Support for customers during discussions with PEZA or BOC regarding any issue or concern encountered related to import shipments

Import Arrangement

Arrangement of local transfers

Local Transfer Arrangement

- Preparation and liquidation of PEZA Letter of Authorization (LOA)
- Arrangement of surety bond including posting at BOC
- Preparation of required PEZA permits for the transfer of goods within the zone & to other zones
- Handling of trucking arrangements for the transfer of goods, including MILKRUN trucks to facilitate the smooth transfer of goods between the facilities of customers and subcontractors

Local moving & rigging (project cargo)

- Packing and crating of specialized cargo/equipment
- Uncrating and physical setup of specialized cargo/equipment
- Verification of the cargo moving and rigging requirements of customers
- Coordination with customers for the implementation of activities
- Checking the completeness of necessary permits prior to scheduled activities

Local Moving & Rigging (Project Cargo)

Export arrangement

Export Arrangement

- Coordination with customers on the schedule of export shipments
- Preparation of necessary export documents and permits
- Confirmation of compliance with the Export Control Law (Strategic Trade Management Act or STMA), and other existing rules and regulations of PEZA & BOC, and other government agencies
- Coordination with freight forwarders (air freight and sea freight) for shipment booking confirmation
- Arrangement of trucks to transport export cargo to the ports
- Monitoring to ensure timely pick-up of export cargo
- Arrangement and monitoring of flight bookings of export shipments
- Confirmation of cargo loading status and dispatch of loaded trucks for export
- Reporting of daily and month-end shipment confirmation to customers

Transportation Management

Toshiba Logistics Philippines has the capabilities to provide domestic shipment services, as well as international shipment services through our subsidiary company TL Forwarding Service (Philippines) Corporation.
We offer competitive and cost effective flexible solutions to meet delivery requirements.

Transportation Management

Value-added Logistics Management

Value-added Logistics Management

- Preparation of Reports to PEZA
- Processing of payments for all related charges and expenses billed by forwarders and subcontractors to customers
- Encoding of billing details to customer systems to speed-up the bill payment process
- Sorting and safe keeping of customer import and export documents, and all related PEZA permits and authorization for local transfer
- Assistance in the maintenance and monitoring of Prepayment Accounts (PPA) of customers, including reconciliation and updating of each PPA
- Coordination with accredited bonding companies and computation of estimated import tax & duty for the preparation of General Transportation Surety Bond (GTSB) applicable to all import shipments discharged at any named port
- Free consultation on logistics-related issues/concerns
- Access to TLOG’s 4PL know-how and capabilities in developing comprehensive logistics solutions
- Capability in handling comprehensive logistics functions and providing customers with optimized logistics systems
- Consultation and support in developing and executing logistics strategies

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