Sustainability Policy

We, SBS Group, based on our management philosophy, aim to enhance sustainable corporate value by respecting human rights and coexisting with society, and by conducting fair business activities through the practice of our Code of Conduct.

Management Philosophy

We provide services,
to achieve client satisfaction,
to meet shareholders’ expectations,
and to be a company caring of its employees.
Long-term prosperity is rooted in paying the necessary attention to people and in the enthusiasm of our employees.
Social responsibility is essential to corporate growth.
Harmony within the community,
efforts to make those around us happy,
and contribution to society far and wide, is crucial.

Fair and Transparent Corporate Activities

We will engage in fair and transparent corporate activities in accordance with laws,
regulations and the common sense of society.
We will take a resolute stance against antisocial activities and forces.

Promotion of Corporate Governance

Ensuring Safety We will actively disclose information to shareholders and society, and enhance management transparency. We will respond seriously to proposals regarding management improvements and similar matters, and strive to achieve open management with respect to shareholders and society.

We regard being safe with zero accidents as our most important mission, and will make every effort to ensure safety with an awareness of our social responsibility and role. We will observe rules,
remain faithful to basic requirements, enhance knowledge, techniques and skills,
and strive to cultivate a culture that requires safety as essential.

Social Contribution and Consideration of the Environment

With an awareness of our responsibilities as a good corporate citizen, we will actively contribute to society through our corporate activities. As a citizen of the Earth, we will pay attention to environmental issues and pass on a healthy global environment to those who come after us.

Customer-First Principle

We will adopt a customer-first perspective and always act in good faith by considering the customer’s viewpoint. We will take on the challenge of unremitting innovation in our thoughts and actions, and provide customers with services that meet their expectations.

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